Camp Fear 2017

By Camp Fear Haunted Trail (other events)

10 Dates Through Nov 04, 2017

A Return To Wonderland!
Come play in a place where time has no meaning 
where nothing is what it appears to be, because it is what it never was
Alice wasn't dreaming. Wonderland Is!
Can you face what is not and keep your head?
Will you accept the challenge?


Rules for "Camp Fear"

 1. No food or drink allowed on the trail.

2. No smoking on the trail. Since we are located in the woods, it would be easy to start a fire in the dry leaves.

3. No alcohol or intoxicated people allowed

4. Do not touch the actors

5. Please stay with your Group and Stay CLOSE Together

6. No Profanity!

7. No Flashlights

8. No weapons allowed. 

Strobe Lights and Fog Machines are in use at this attraction 


Although the management has made every attempt to insure that this is a safe attraction, there is always the slight risk of injury. Therefore, neither "Camp Fear" nor Hiddenite Family Campground will assume ANY liability for injuries sustained during the attraction or while on its premises.

Enter at you own risk !!!

Mailing Address

po box 547 Hiddenite nc 28636